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George Randolph has been involved in athletics since high school.  A two sport all conference football player and track athlete, George went on to play football in college.  George also became involved in Martial Arts, gaining his black belt in Tae Kwon Do at age 17.  In college George continued his combat sports training and began training in Muay Thai kickboxing, Boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  George took his first fight at 17 and was hooked from there.  Fighting allowed George to travel all around the globe and fight in some of the biggest fight organizations around (Pride, K-1).  George also won several title belts along the way.


George continued to fight till joining the United States Army in 2004.  After suffering an injury on a parachute jump, George was medically discharged and became a law enforcement officer in south Florida as well as continuing to fight.  It was here that George first became involved in Crossfit utilizing it for conditioning for his fights and his chosen profession.  George relocated to Saint Cloud in 2012.  Although he no longer fights professionally,  he still trains daily in combat sports and Crossfit as well as teaching kickboxing locally.  As of lately, George combined the two and gained a certification in Crossfit Striking.  “Combat Sports truly made me who I am today.” Says George “Its something Ive loved to do since watching my first ninja movies on tv”  “The ability to combine the stress relieving aspects of martial arts with an incredibly effective fitness routine like Crossfit, is just an amazing thing.”

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